Strategic IT Sourcing

Information technology (IT) departments face growing pressure to improve IT’s business value by accelerating the delivery of new applications and technologies and improving service to users. At the same time, studies find that basic maintenance and support of the existing application portfolio consumes up to 50% to 80% of a typical IT department’s resources—posing a serious roadblock to the new initiatives and improved services that can enhance an organization’s competitive position.

Outsourcing the management of applications is widely recognized as an effective strategy for meeting this challenge. It enables businesses to better manage the resources required to support current applications while realizing competitive advantage through implementation of enterprise applications and new technologies. Strategic sourcing provides companies in terms of cost reduction, improved quality and decreased time-to-market.

Vaktech has the domain knowledge and technology resources to give you a high quality-to-cost ratio with our software consulting, development and maintenance practice. Vaktech provides these services while maintaining stringent SLAs, enabling customers to realize overall cost reduction, 24/7 user support, productivity improvements and increased uptime and response times.

Vaktech helps CIOs leverage application outsourcing to:

  • Augment internal skills
  • Make IT budgets more predictable
  • Enable internal staff to focus on business-critical applications
  • Reduce total cost of technology ownership

  • Vaktech key strategic sourcing solutions span key verticals and include the following:
  • Application development
  • Application maintenance
  • Application transformation
  • Enterprise package implementation and migration
  • Software product engineering
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Technology optimization
  • eLearning design and development
  • Business process outsourcing

  • Vaktech offers:
  • A combination of b onshore domain expertise and consulting prowess, with deep technical acumen across multiple offshore facilities that also mitigate geopolitical risks
  • Scalability to support large project requirements.
  • A global footprint that allows clients to choose from a broad range of lifecycle services delivered by a team of experts focused on solving real business challenges across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific
  • Proven methods and processes for complex project management and membership access to those methods

  • Vaktech areas of focus are:
    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Drawing on our special expertise these capabilities help you significantly lower costs while maintaining high performance and customer satisfaction.
    Application Services: leverages deep Vaktech domain expertise to help you get more value out of your legacy applications, or transition your business to new, high-value application environments.
    IT Outsourcing (ITO): Covers everything from the desktop and mobile computing realm back to the data center servers. Our approach ensures your outsourced environment is managed securely, reliably and flexibly.
    Technology Support and Maintenance Services: Spans installation, deployment, technical support, maintenance, warranty repairs and other functions that keep your software and hardware running