Remote Monitoring

Your business demands all critical networks, applications and system resources to be up and running continuously but you lack the required IT staff to make this happen. It makes good business sense to outsource these services so that you don’t lose focus on core business initiatives. Vaktech provides a complete network monitoring solution by providing a panoramic view of fault and performance functionality across your IT infrastructure.
We offer proactive, round-the-clock network monitoring and management. We can identify and address technical issues before they become work-stopping problems. The benefits go beyond just avoiding downtime – we can help you anticipate your future technology needs—and be ready to meet them. Most importantly, we’re a local company, not some faraway offshore help desk. When you need us onsite, we can be there—to install, configure, resolve and advise.

Some of the benefits that we offer are:

  • The Network Monitoring Services of Vaktech suite provides continuous monitoring of critical devices like firewalls, switches, routers and applications deployed within a network perimeter.
  • These services are meted out remotely 24x7 through a VPN connection and provide persistent vigilance on the health of the network through a centralized web-based Interface.
  • The organization stays informed about the Up/down status of the devices and network interface, CPU utilization, memory utilization, inbound and outbound bandwidth utilized at any given point of time through customized reports.
  • Vaktech offers proactive monitoring services, which help to detect the network, system and application level failures in time, which if unattended can seriously impact the bottom line of an organization. In the event of an outage, the designated contacts are notified in real-time by e-mail, SMS alerts etc. to take corrective actions in time.
  • Round the clock backing and telephonic support by our trained technicians helps to optimize the performance metrics thereby reducing the down-time and costs.

  • Our Network Monitoring Services offer:
  • Remote central monitoring, diagnostics and reporting
  • A robust alerting and notification system
  • 24x7 helpdesk equipped with well trained IT personnel
  • Problem escalation defined by customers
  • Periodic reports on performance trends and device availability status
  • Report on critical parameters like CPU and bandwidth utilization

  • Help Desk Service:
    Organizations rely largely on the IT infrastructure to achieve their business objectives. The dependency on the networks and communication tools is paramount and every passing day technology is becoming more and more complex. Because of the growing complexity, lack of dedicated IT staff and associated technical expertise thereof, internally it is an up-hill task for an organization to efficiently troubleshoot and resolve technical problems.
    In times like these, an organization needs a service, which can integrate well into the environment and deliver high-quality, prompt, and reliable desk support and services for instant solutions. Vaktech can help you achieve just this.
  • The help desk service of Vaktech provides a single point of accountability and takes ownership for resolving every problem
  • Our support desk team is courteous and skilled in tracking, reporting and passing the knowledge to the IT manager necessary to take corrective/preventive action in an event of any outage
  • Our help desk services offers expanded coverage ensuring 24x 7 assistance and provides Summary Reporting, Service Level Management, Incident Management, Change Management, Configuration Management, Problem Management, Performance Management, Patch Updates, Backup Management and Vulnerability Alerts services