Network Operations Management

Network Operations Management is steadily escalating in complexity due to the nature of increased reliance on next-generation applications and services for all aspects of business operations. Organizations invest heavily in real-time network management platforms, but tend to neglect physical layer management, where the true backbone of the IT network lies. Surprisingly, approximately two-thirds of network failures are related to connectivity issues in the physical layer and not equipment failures. The bulk of the remaining failures are due to the complications caused by network moves, additions and changes.
Remote monitoring by Vaktech involves monitoring of computer networks for health and availability of systems. We believe in proactive monitoring of network elements rather than wait for outage to happen and react. Pre-defined thresholds are set for monitored parameters, so any minor change in normal operational standards is sensed immediately and customers are notified immediately via alerts, triggers, email, pager or other alarms.
Vaktech Network Infrastructure Management includes:

  • Network elements monitoring (routers, servers, switches etc)
  • LAN/WAN monitoring
  • Device performance monitoring
  • Fault Monitoring

  • Security Management
    Now more than ever, securing our critical infrastructure is a top priority for all commercial businesses and government agencies. Our reliance on IT and Telecommunications services and the critical physical infrastructures that support them has changed the way business is conducted, how the government operates and how we make decisions everyday.

    Vaktech helps organizations better manage, correlate and prioritize relevant security event data by extending the value and effectiveness of existing security risk management systems in real time. By correlating security risks to the physical IT layer, organizations and first responders can instantly identify and assess the exact location of a potential security threat within the infrastructure. It also helps eliminate the discovery time associated with responding to security risks, gather business intelligence to identify potential areas of vulnerability, ensure business continuity, and comply with both industry and government regulations.

    Vaktech Security Management Services include:
  • Integrated Security Dashboard
  • Vulnerable Assets
  • Open Ports
  • Missing Patches
  • Service Pack details
  • Automatically Patch Servers
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • Every business and government agency needs to manage its technology infrastructure and critical assets through proper documentation and controlled tracking to ensure continuous operation under any circumstance. How well an organization deploys and maintains their critical assets and infrastructure will be measured not only by the level of operational readiness, but also by its ability to react to adversity. You have to be able to restore data quickly and the data must be stored where it is safe.

    But disaster recovery is more complex than just backing up your data. If a fire, or flood or some other occurrence renders your server inoperable, having access to the data is not enough to bring your business back up again.

    Vaktech Business Continuity Services has the answer. Vaktech Business Continuity Services provides your business with services that will store short term backups, send long term backups to a remote secure site, and act as a server should any of your servers go down.