IT Integration Services

Vaktech helps companies keep their core business-critical applications and IT infrastructure running 24x7 while freeing up their IT staff to focus on strategic business. Customers enjoy freedom from daily management of their IT infrastructure, confidence in having the right expertise on-demand, high uptime of their infrastructure and predictability in delivery of service. Some of our service offerings include support services for servers, applications, and databases.

Vaktech service offerings are designed to take a pro-active approach to fixing problems in your IT environment. We strongly believe that proper planning always prevents problems before they happen. Our methodology of service deployment guarantees that no matter what problems hit your IT infrastructure, our IT staff can obtain instant access to the problems right away.

Our server support covers a wide range of UNIX and Windows NT servers, including application servers, web servers, database servers, directory servers, calendar servers, and messaging servers. On the application support front, Vaktech offers maintenance and support services for legacy, client-server, and Internet applications, both customized and packaged. On the database side, we support leading vendor platforms, including Oracle, IBM/DB2, Sybase, and Microsoft.

Network Monitoring The focus of Vaktech network monitoring services is reduction of your infrastructure management costs.

Our services include:
Network infrastructure management and support for routers, switches and firewalls, LAN and WAN where network operations include:

  • Network architecture
  • Planning & deployment
  • Device preventive maintenance
  • Network performance and optimization

  • Server infrastructure management and support of Windows, Unix and Linux servers where server operations include:
  • Monitoring and management
  • Core business & backend server support
  • Server efficiency, virtualization, and redundancy
  • Data backup and storage management
  • Disaster recovery

  • Infrastructure applications management which include:
  • Core business and infrastructure applications
  • Front-end and backend support
  • Monitoring and management
  • Application efficiencies and utilization
  • We provide customized daily, weekly and monthly reports, including, but not limited to, usage patterns, trend analysis, error reports, and capacity planning, as per customer’s requirements.

    Desktop Management
    Our desktop management services focuses on reducing your end user operations management costs. Since computers can become unreliable without proper maintenance, we at Vaktech ensure proactive issue resolution. This not only reduces the cost of IT support, but also keeps your people more productive. This also becomes important for organizations concerned about network security or regulatory compliance. We troubleshoot all possible issues using our remote access and facilities. Our helpdesk and escalation teams work closely with client’s teams on support and speedy issue resolution
    Our services for desktop management include:
  • Software configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Security management with virus protection and patch updates
  • We also do extensive data backup and disaster recovery with nightly data back ups, offsite data storage and rapid file/system restoration.
    The core components of Vaktech desktop management services include: anti-virus protection, critical OS and software updates, periodic PC backup, asset tracking, directory management and software distribution capabilities.
    It also includes
  • 24x7 desktop monitoring
  • Automatic notification of potential problems
  • Antivirus scans
  • Spyware scans and removal
  • Disk de-fragmentation
  • Automatic service pack and patch updates
  • Performance reporting
  • Hardware and software asset inventory management
  • HIPAA or Sarbanes Oxley policy enforcement
  • Network design and management

  • Keeping your business running smoothly requires a high quality, stable computer network managed by an experienced IT team. Vaktech offers proven network design and management platforms that drive results for your business. From wireless networking with VoIP, to multi-location WAN intranets with remote access and IP-based video conferencing, NAT procedures, Load Balancing, Access Lists and Bandwidth Allocation, Vaktech has the experience and capacity to deliver reliable single vendor solutions.
    Through network design and management, we ensure optimal and secure network performance. We work with customers to analyze requirements and develop current and future state network architectures. In a network centric world, information assurance is paramount in design, implementation, and support of networks. Vaktech deploys defense in depth solutions including, but not limited to, the creation and support of information assurance policies and processes; auditing and assessments; network defense including perimeter control, encryption, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing; and disaster recovery/business continuity recommendations. Vaktech deploys and supports information interoperability solutions, bringing people, procedures, and equipment together with the goal of providing seamless access to data and information.
    Vaktech offers the following computer networking services to small and mid-sized businesses:
    Design & Implementation - A solid foundation goes a long way in assuring a successful project. At Vaktech we undertake the following:
  • Needs Analysis
  • Network Design
  • Project Management
  • Standards and Procedures
  • Security Policy
  • Installation
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge and Control consists of the day-to-day network management and administration as we undertake the following
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring & Remediation
  • Network Administration
  • Help Desk
  • Network Engineering
  • Security
  • Critical Care
  • Business directions change, networks evolve, and new technologies are brought to market. Introspection is what differentiates the great from the good and continuous improvement of networks involves:
  • Training
  • Return on Investment
  • Technology Assessments
  • Security Audits
  • Technology Plans
  • Contingency Plans
  • Security Architecture and Design

  • Good network security starts with architecture and design. Your architecture must minimize the risk of attacks. However, attacks will occur nonetheless, so your architecture must also help you contain and recover from a successful attack. To help you meet these ends, Vaktech looks at your architecture and design to assess how you can improve them. But security isn’t just about vulnerabilities—it’s about the consequences of a security breach on your business. So, more importantly, we look at your architecture and design to make sure they’re serving your business goals.
    From design and development of individual applications to enterprise network architecture, our approach at Vaktech is to make security an integral part of the finished product, ensure it is cost-effective and acceptable to your employees, and that it differentiates your products from those of your competition. We can provide services ranging from a brief design review to expose any problems with technology, implementation, scalability, and manageability to in-depth design of secure web-to-database integration projects, authentication and access control systems. Our services include applied cryptography; wired and wireless data and telephony networks; Internet services including e-mail, DNS, Web, FTP, firewall and VPNs We also provide security assessments and audits, firewall, intrusion detection, virus protection, business continuity, and disaster recovery.
    Our consultants and security architects will work with you to create the policies, standards, and procedures that form the foundation for trusted network relationships and best fit your requirements.
    The Vaktech engineering team will bring together the experienced and capable resources to design and deliver a solution that best fits your security architectural requirements.