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Businesses large and small are realizing the potential of unified messaging solutions covering voice, e-mail, SMS etc. for quick and secure, information, data and communication exchange. To keep pace with the business demands, business houses are leveraging the efficiencies of IP telephony services within the same IT infrastructure. Companies are shifting to converged networks and integrating the conventional networks with IP telephony services.

No doubt, VoIP has made a radical impact on the entire telecommunication system by enabling a very economical and efficient way to communicate and the advantages thereof are enormous, but so are the demands. The sustenance of VoIP services for long term benefits fosters a need for continuous monitoring to identify inefficiencies in the system to ensure optimal performance. This needs to gain visibility into every facet of VoIP infrastructure like monitoring the call traffic, success-failure ratio, analyzing the reasons for call failure and poor quality calls and so on, is smartly addressed by efficient solutions from Vaktech.

Vaktech IP telephony services provide the design, deployment and management services necessary to prepare your network to handle voice, data and video over one, high-speed platform, helping to enhance efficiency and business value.

Vaktech IP telephony offers a comprehensive range of consulting, integration, deployment and run services designed to help you build an IP telephony solution. We can help you design, deploy and manage an IP telephony infrastructure that can help reduce the costs associated with managing and maintaining separate voice and data equipment and networks, and increase the productivity of your employees.

VOIP network monitoring interface
IP telephony monitoring solution from Vaktech has the ability to handle voice, video, data, and multiple applications over a web based interface backed with 24x7 support. It can integrate seamlessly with your IP PBX applications and allow you to generate customized reports on the health of the VoIP network and trigger alerts in case of any unwarranted issues like call drops and quality deterioration.

Network administrators can gain critical insights into delays, jitter, packet loss and bandwidth usage trends and traffic patterns by using Vaktech. It can monitor any device or agent that supports SIP, H.323 and MGCP protocol like Cisco Call Manager, Porta ONE etc for the call traffic, call quality, success to failure ratio, analyzing the reasons for failed calls and poor quality calls.

Delivered by trained and experienced network consultants, architects and specialists, our services can provide end-to-end lifecycle services for IP telephony solutions. We can assess your needs, help you identify the available alternatives, and create an IP telephony solution architecture and design, as well as develop a proposal for implementation. When you’re ready to implement your design, our experienced network integration and deployment services team can draw on our extensive project management and subject matter expertise to put your solution into a production environment. Vaktech managed services for IP telephony can help keep your production environment up and running.

Our comprehensive suite of IP Telephony services include:

  • IP Telephony Assessment- to evaluate the impact of IP telephony on your environment
  • IP Telephony Architecture, Plan & Design- including needs analysis, solution design, and identification of critical success factors
  • IP Telephony Pilot- to help you evaluate the benefits and viability of an IP telephony system
  • IP Telephony Implementation- including a detailed project plan, phased implementation, and integration with your existing infrastructure
  • IP Telephony Support- to help ensure that your IP telephony solution remains continuously available