Solutions for Enterprise Content Management

Every company has content. Some content is extremely valuable, mission critical and legally important to the ongoing existence and viability of a company. Some content makes a company a “great place to work” by providing announcements, community and benefit information. And some content is just taking up memory and disk space because it is out-of-date, redundant, invalid, and legally risky. Compounded by the challenge of exponential growth of content, documents and regulatory governance requirements, the effort to develop an optimized approach to content and document management is becoming increasingly critical to accomplish in the global marketplace.

Enterprise Content Management is about making sure that the “right” content is available when it is needed in the most efficient way. Enterprise Content Management can no longer be looked at as a set of applications; Enterprise Content Management is a methodology and infrastructure that supports company business processes and goals.

With our proven methodology and depth of technical skills, we can either be a long-term partner or provide you with a turnkey for your enterprise content management needs. We can work with you to develop your strategic Enterprise Content Management vision, and provide the resources or process to make your vision a success from inception and roll-out to end user adoption and maintenance.

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