Data Analytics Services

Vaktech specializes in analytical and decision support tools for the rapidly growing Capital Markets industry. The service arm was created with the sole mission of selecting the finest minds in India, in the fields of Technology, Mathematics, Interest Rates, FX, Credit, Equity Products, and Risk Management and leveraging their skills for developing cutting edge tools for the global clientele, which spans buy-side, sell-side, and financial consultancy firms.

We understand our customer's need for software that offers a competitive edge, and provides customized solutions to meet it. We are passionate adopters of the Agile development methodology, which attempts to minimize delivery risk by developing software in short time-boxes. Our state of the art infrastructure allows global data, voice, and video communications and our use of collaborative tools ensures that ideas and plans are seamlessly shared. Our team of energetic professionals is constantly trained to be abreast with the industry advances in both financial products and distributed technologies.

With Vaktech Intelligence Management services, clients can rest assured knowing that their assignments are being handled by professionals with an eye for detail on both quality and timeliness of the deliveries. While operating out of India has its costs benefits, our clients come to us for our differentiating value–access to top talent in Capital Markets.